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We fit your growroom


Series 1260 Growcart Pro $249.50

 For professionals or the gardening enthusiast. Features our tilting trellis, heavy duty 1” welded aluminum frame, 75lb capacity and large drain tray. 

24”x 48” footprint

Put two together to get the most out a 4’x 4’ or 5’x 5’ area  

Trellis 46 7/8” x 30”, adjusts height max 28 1/4”

Growcart OD 23” x 48 7/8”

Growcart ht. 13 1/2” x 13”

Drain tray 21 5/8” x 47 1/4” x 1 7/8


Series 840 Growcart $189.50

Great for tent growers, decks and smaller spaces. Fits nicely into a 2’x4’ or larger tent. Features our tilting trellis and medium duty 3/4” welded frame, 50 lb capacity.

19”x 38” footprint

Trellis 22 1/2” x 37 7/8” adjusts, max height 28 1/4”

Growcart OD 17” x 40 7/8”

Growcart ht. 13 1/4" x 12 1/2”

Drain tray 15 1/2” x 39 1/4” x 1 7/8”  


Series 420 Growcart $179.50


This is our most versatile Growcart. The compact size works well on your deck, in your closet or tent. Also, the deeper tray can be adapted for hydroponics. Features our tilting trellis and medium duty 3/4” welded frame, 50 lb capacity.

24” x 24” footprint

Trellis 23 3/4” x 30”, adjusts, max height 28 1/4”

Growcart OD 25 1/8” x 24 3/4” 

Growcart ht. 13 1/4” x 12 3/4”

Drain tray 23 1/2” x 23 1/2” x 2 3/4”

We make gardening easy

High Rise Trellis


 Easily add a second-tier trellis to give extra support to those plants that like to stretch. Risers are 8” tall.  series 1260, $63.50 series 840, $59.50 series 420-$54.50 

Lowboy Legs


   7” shorter if height is an issue. Growcarts can be ordered at no additional cost with shorter legs or easily installed later if needs change. 



Growcart makes growing simple .


Integrated tillable trellis

Snip and Flip feature 

Growcart Flat Earther


This configuration come in 2'x2' 3'x3' and 4'x4'

Snip n Flip drying


This is a must have feature for those who like to dry on the vine. Snip the stalk flip it over, done and done. 

Tent Grow


Growcart is great  on a deck, tent, closet or grow room.


Why Growcart

Better quality yields


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about us

          At Growcart we are gardening enthusiast and love growers, from award winning bonsai trees to the amazing cannabis plant.  

Growcart was created after my wife was injured in a car accident. She found it difficult to care for our plants and doing what she loved. Before Growcart, our plants were in trays on the floor, like many people we used a vacuum to suck up any drain off. I decided to build a grow table but found that the plants in the middle or ends were hard to get to. Our plants were supported using a variety of stakes, tomato cages or netting. This was time consuming and very labor intensive. As my wife would say “it was just a hot mess”. 

     Growcart was designed for both hobbyist and professionals, it makes gardening easier, more efficient and maximizes available space and light. First by getting plants up off the floor and at a more comfortable working height, this reduces strain on the spine and knees. Also, drainage is made easy. By making the Growcart mobile, you have better access to inspect and care for your plants. The unique patent pending tilting trellis system allows you to take control and shape your garden’s canopy. Whether it’s vertical, horizontal or in a V pattern. When you grow in a V pattern or vsrog (screen of green) several things happen. 

1. Because of the geometry the V pattern increases your canopy size 25% without increasing the footprint. Bigger canopy equals bigger yields in the same space.

2. Energy is expensive, don’t waste it. The brightest spot on any light is in the center. Growcart’s trellis raises the sides of your plant closer to the light. Resulting in more even light distribution and deeper light penetration. This improves flower quality and size and density.  

3. By training your plants in a V pattern you redistribute the Auxin hormone, creating many more bud sites. 

4. Combining the Growcart’s unique trellis design and training your plants in this manner you also increase air/co2 flow and nutrient uptake.